Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Color Me Rad 2013.

I promised a more serious post later today, so here it is!

First, an update on the dog-ate-my-handheld story!  I emailed Nathan Performance to find out if I could buy a replacement bottle, since $30 for a new system is just insane not happening.  And they emailed back that they will have replacements for sale in a few months, but nothing yet.  (Pout.)  But that they'd be happy to send me a replacement for free.  (Squee!)  I'll admit that I'm not too brand loyal about most things (except Macs), and Nathan has officially earned my brand loyalty.  It's amazing customer service like that that keeps me coming back and spending money.  I have their trail mix 2 belt as well, and love it.  But now, not only do I love the product, but the people & customer service as well.  So, that all said, if you're looking for a new hydration system, I point you to Nathan Performance.

So, a more serious thing to talk about!

I ran Color Me Rad in Philly again this weekend!  While I'm still bummed the course is shorter than a 5K (2.63 miles, last year was 2.58 or so?), I enjoyed it.  I ran for almost all of it, and finished in 36:28.  That puts my pace at 13:52.  The week before, I ran 2 miles in 31:09 (15:24 pace) so I'm SUPER excited to see that improvement and see that I can run faster than I think.  I looked back at RunKeeper, and last year, I ran the 2.58 mile course in 39:01 (15:06 pace).  That means that on the same course, I ran a little more than 3 minutes faster than I did last year!  I love seeing improvements like that!  It makes me realize that all my work is actually getting me somewhere!

I also got those awesome shorts this weekend which I love.  I've been running in capris because my thighs are fat thick fabulous, and shorts just do not work.  I love SparkleSkirts, but I am not interested in ruining a skirt with color OR paying $50+ for their skirts/shorts when I need them 3-5 times a week and hate not washing workout clothes.  That's a LOT of dough to shell out.  So, I poked around at Target to get an idea of how their shorts are stitched together since Mom & I were going to sew me some, and also to buy another pair of capris.  I found those black compression shorts for $16.99 and decided to give them a whirl.  I went back out & bought two more pairs because they fit perfect, are long enough to alleviate chub rub, AND don't ride up.  And, since I have compression shorts that work now, I can buy cute running shorts/skirts to wear overtop!  I got these hot pink bad boys for $10 off the clearance rack, and picked up a blue pair too. 


  1. Yay for awesome customer service!

    Color me Rad is probably one of the most fun "races" (is it really a race? meh, who cares) that I've done.

    1. It is so fun! This was my fourth colorful race, and even though the corn starch tastes awful, it's so fun!!

  2. "because my thighs are fat thick fabulous"

    Can I just say that I love this? Because I feel the same about my thighs and the way you put it was a reminder to me that they are fabulous.. Also, you are improving so much Anne and you should be so proud!

    1. Thanks! I am quite excited about how my running is coming along :)

      I figure that if my legs can carry me 13.1 miles (and keep doing it...) that they deserve some respect, no matter what size. And also, like the boardies say, I wouldn't say that to someone else, and there's a chance that some one at the beginning of their journey is reading this, and maybe my current is her goal. And how does it look if I say negative things about myself/her ultimate goal? So only positive self talk in my blog from here on out :)